Cosmo Plague

“It’s the future. No-one knows exactly when. The great and noble hospital ship H.M.S. Fleming continues on it’s exploration of the furthest reaches of the galaxy. It’s mission: to research, treat and cure the medical ailments of the universe.

However, something goes terribly wrong. A reckless approach to antibiotics use on board has unleashed a deadly bacteria on the crew. Take control of a spaceship in crisis as you try and manage the outbreak, responding to new cases, quarantining patients, shutting down wings of the ship and dispatching cleanup crews in a desperate bid to halt the spread, all while trying to work on a cure.

Whatever happens the bacteria must not hit the general ship population. Or the crews working the ship engines and gravity generators for that matter (have you ever seen someone being sick in zero gravity?). Heaven forbid it reaches the delivery bays (you really wouldn’t want the infection getting off the ship). If the captain steering the ship succumbs… well, lets just hope that never happens.”

(copy courtesy of Alex Ryley @ Mutant Labs)

This is a prototype that I built alongside Mutant Labs and a real scientific research team.  Taking advantage of Playmaker/Unity, we were able to put together extensive AI trees that allowed the plague simulations to run organically.  It was just as fun watching the entire ship perish, rather than trying to ease the situation!