I’m Aquarius

Set in the vast reaches of space, take control of the Metronomy ship and help Joe Mount navigate the cosmic wilderness. You will need quick reactions and fast thinking to avoid the increasingly perilous obstacles in your path, from exploding mines, to darting asteroids, all set to the soundtrack of an exclusive re-work of the Metronomy single I’m Aquarius by sound duo Baconhead.

Working in conjunction with Metronomy and their record label, Because Music, we crafted this game to tie in with the universe created by the I’m Aquarius single.

Keeping it on beat

The gameplay is tied into the soundtrack, with different enemies and obstacles being triggered with different aspects of the music. We wanted to build a game that incorporated the rhythm of the track to enhance the gameplay.

The game features high-scores and social sharing to encourage competition and get players coming back for more. The game also features links to buy the newly released album, Love Letters.

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