Half-Inch Heist Turbo

Following on from the success of Half-Inch Heist for iOS, we have re-imagined the game to integrate with the Leap Motion Controller, allowing it to be controlled through hand gestures.

With all new gesture-controlled features, combined with the precise control made possible by the Leap Motion, Half-Inch Heist Turbo is the definitive version of this frantic 2D survival game.

Retro Inspired

Half-Inch Heist pays homage to the arcade games of old, with highly polished pixel art and a bespoke chip-tune inspired soundtrack from renowned production duo Baconhead.

Survival is the name of the game. Players can charge a shield around their diamond by moving their finger away from the screen. However, in the process of building up this charge, they also increase the size of their diamond making it easier to be hit.

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